Good Vs Evil

“There is a line dividing good and evil that cut through the heart of every human being”-Aleksandr solzhenitsyn Our responsibility to us, our family and society at large, is to make clear of that line. The bolder and clearer the line, we tend to hold ourself on the better side. Better side is where your purpose and value is realized .Once you are clear about the line, you can pass the knowledge to your family and to your society. When the line start to fade ,evil become bolder. Once the line disappear, you don’t know what is good or evil … Continue reading Good Vs Evil

Know thyself, Better thyself

Life becomes less burden and more fun when you concentrate your effort on improving yourself. Avoid poking your nose into other’s business. And make you the sole competitor in your life. Comparing present you with yesterday’s you will bring less anxiety than comparing with others.  Divide your time into blocks and work on the things you want to improve . Accept failures and don’t be too hard on yourself. Know thyself and Better thyself. Continue reading Know thyself, Better thyself

Creativity is not only for artist.

Hearing the word “creativity” always make us remember an artist with brush or camera in his/her hand.But creativity doesn’t belong to one profession or a group of people. Everyone can be creative and use the power of creativity to improve their life. Reading the book “Steal like an artist” made me think the possibility of creative works in all walks of life. To be creative, you can start by copying or stealing the bits and bites of ideas of other creative people all around the globe. Never forget to put your thoughts and ways into the ideas you pick up. Continue reading Creativity is not only for artist.